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CIPHURPHACE - Master Of Ceremonies. Microphone Crusher. Monster in the Cypher. Metaphor Connoisseur.

Imagine Confucius and Shakespeare in the recording booth reciting ill 16's after consuming four Red Bulls.


Ciphurphace is a New Jersey based, Arizona raised artist who originally hails from the city of Tucson. To truly comprehend his style and put this into a "Hip-Hop" perspective, visualize the old school braggadocio of Big Daddy Kane, the witty punchlines of Lord Finesse and the infectious enthusiasm of Redman. Add a touch of Kool Keith's ludicrous creativity with Chino XL's fierce delivery and you have a bona fide MC named Ciphurphace aka "The Asian Pierce Brosnan With A Beard Problem." 


Ciphurphace represents the 13th & 3rd letter element with the devotion of a respected Hip-Hop pioneer and the hunger of an underground rhyme warlord. The Phaced God is living proof that true emcees still exist in this lifetime. He labels himself as a W.R.I.T.E.R. (Working Realist Illustrating The Everyday Rituals). "If my music had to be classified, it would fall in a category called 100% pure hip-hop laced with Raw Energy And Life," the Phaced God says with heartfelt conviction.

"Ciphurphace - you better ask a friend - I get stupid fly like a retarded cactus wren."


• "Reflections" single charted all the way up to #3 on the Rap Attack and Rap Network Top 40 College Radio Chart - August 2016 
• "I'll Always Love H.E.R." single charted all the way up to #2 on the Rap Attack and #3 on the Rap Network Top 40 College Radio Chart - April 2016 
• "Elbow Space" single charted all the way up to #3 on the Rap Attack and Rap Network Top 40 College Radio Chart - September 2015
• Founding member of RedDirt Specimenz who won a Tammies (Tucson Area Music) Award in 2001 for best hip-hop group
• Two time back to back "Mic Fights" battle champion in Tucson
• Shared stages with Cypress Hill, Too Short, DJ Quik, Pharcyde, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Immortal Technique, R.A. The Rugged Man, Ras Kass, C-Rayz Walz, Clipse and Little Brother
• Represented at the Good Life Café in Cali, Nuyorican Poets Café and End Of The Weak in NYC, Jack The Rapper and How Can I Be Down (Music Conventions) in Atlanta, GA and South Beach, FL
• Rocked collabo records with L.E.G.A.C.Y. of Justus League, Copywrite, Main Flow, Chino XL, Mega Ran, Moka Only and Acid Reign
• “Pour” record off his debut album “An Honest Day’s Work” was selected to be featured on the Adidas website


Alter Egos: Phaced God, Murk City, Douglas GoodBeard, Ciph Dawg, Rabbi Cacti, Phace Manchu, R.A.W.thentik, John Diss, Kimchi James 
Affiliation: E.E.E./SouthFresh Records, SpaceLAB Recordings, Moonshine Burrito, Effin Sumbodies, Gladiator Pen, Voodoo Docterz




2016 - Ciphurphace - In Phaced God We Trust - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records/SpaceLAB Recordings
2015 - DJ Grapla & Ciphurphace Present The "Bish Prees" Mixtape - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records

2014 - Ciphurphace - The Best Of Ciphurphace - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2014 - Ciphurphace - Sick Leave (EP) - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2013 - Moonshine Burrito - South By Southwest - SpaceLAB Recordings
2012 - Ciphurphace - Phacial Features 2 - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2011 - Ciphurphace - Apply Within - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2011 - Ciphurphace as Murk City - Murky Waters: The Endless Pursuit - SpaceLAB Recordings
2010 - Ciphurphace Presents Phacial Features - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2010 - The Effin' Sumbodies - Straight Outta Tucson - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2009 - DefCiphur - So Def It's Fresh So Fresh It's Hype - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2008 - The Effin' Sumbodies - Cactus Stew - E.E.E.
2007 - Ciphurphace - SOUTH 'NotTheDirtySouthEastCoastNotTheWestCoast' WEST - E.E.E.
2007 - Ciphurphace & Scorpioflo present Time & A Half: The Overtime EP - E.E.E.
2006/2005 - An Honest Day's Work - Flux Jargon Music
2004 - Antique Skies - Flux Jargon Music
2000/1999 - RedDirt Specimenz - The Monsoon Cometh: Season Of REDemption - EyeSoulated Legendz Ent.

Compilations/Mixtapes/Special Guest Pheatures:

2017 - Taboo - Big Things Have Small Beginnings Pt 2: Family Tree
2016 - Per C. Wells - PerCeption
2015 - ArcSteady presents Family Tree Mixtape Vol. 1 - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records

2013 - Habeas Corpus - Breath Of Fresh Air
2012 - CrayonBeats Presents: Vol. 5 - The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats -
2012 - John Henry Vs. Seth Mul - For The Crown - Mangonel Music
2012 - Talk-Sik - Inner-War-Kings - Kamerata Records
2012 - The Natives Are Restless - Like A Dream E.P.
2012 - SpaceLAB Recordings Presents Space Camp - SpaceLAB Recordings
2011 - Acid Reign - Tracks From The Abyss Vol. 1 - Uncommon Records
2010 - DJ Grapla Presents The James Ciphurphace Mixtape - E.E.E./SouthFresh Records
2008 - Arkatek - Book Cover Judging - Espionage Records
2008 - Change - Hate To Love You Legacy Vol. 1 - Modern Organic Music
2008 - Jake Palumbo - District Selectman - Space Lab Recordings
2007 - Bombatomik presents Nuclear Holocaust (collabos w/ Chino XL - MainFlow - Copywrite)
2007 - Lendo Duggan presents Bubblegum Populace 3
2007 - JBL presents Alien Warfare Mixtape Vol. I - hosted by Vinnie Paz of JMT
2007 - 007 Musik presents The Breakin' Word Mixtape Vol. II
2007 - S Class & Steve Willz presents The Enclosed Documents Mixtape Vol. I
2006 - Random - The Call: The Re-Mixtape
2006 - Easta Cali Crew presents Car Tunes
2006 - 007 Musik presents The Breakin' Word Mixtape Vol. I
2006 - DJ Grapla Mixtape - 99 Problems But A Mix Ain't One
2006 - Pen Pointz presents Midgets Among Giants
2006 - DJ Balance presents Official Bootleg Vol. II
2005 - Jump Mobile presents Hometown Heroes (Tucson) - Rebel Organization/Native Son Media
2003 - Louis Mercury presents The Mercury Project Vol. I - Chicken Salad Recordings
2003 - Blaze City Mixtape - Durty Worldz Productions
2002 - The Alpha Project - Vol. 1 - Shaman Work Recordings
1998 - The Union 'Uncharted Grounds' Compilation - Mad Lad/Reek Of Indo Productions - R.O.I. Records Inc. 



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