In an era where ALL emcees, from the most “gangster” to the most “hipster” take themselves & their image too seriously, SpaceLAB Recordings proudly presents South By Southwest, the debut album from Moonshine Burrito - a collaborative duo project from Ciphurphace Jake Palumbo.  Yes, the two longtime friends & solo artists teamed up to make a rap album, based around the images of moonshine & burritos – a metaphor of the emcee’s respective homelands of Arizona & Tennessee.  Originally conceived 2 time zones apart, over Gmail’s chat feature in 2008, Ciphurphace & Jake Palumbo were throwing about potential titles for a project.  “Moonshine Burrito” popped out of Palumbo’s brain, much laughter erupted, & 5 years, countless solo releases & tours, & Ciph’s relocation later, the duo decided to finally put it to wax in New York City.

 In the spirit of great duos such as Starsky & HutchEPMDCHiPsPete Rock & CL Smooth, & Brooks & Dunn, the “Phaced God” & the ”Spaced God” have teamed up to bring a humorous, but lyrically dense project to the fans, attempting to capture the yin & yang of both artists’ personalities in a home-cooked Southern / Southwest buffet table.  In today’s turbulent times, Ciphurphace & Palumbo set out to accomplish one primary goal with South By Southwest: to make FUN music & enjoy themselves. While the album does tackle a few serious topics, this is largely music to celebrate & give thanks to, partially why the label decided to release it November 26th, 2013 – just 48 hours before Thanksgiving. The album was available for free download for 24 hours prior to hitting iTunes & digital retailers as a way of saying thanks to its loyal fan base.

Originally conceived as an EP, studio sessions became prolific & the un-intentional group began receiving show offers around New York City & surrounding states based off the 1st single Burrito Revival, & it’s accompanying music video, so the project was extended to become a full-length (albeit brief) album.  The 10-track LP is Produced by Jake Palumbo, with its 2nd single “Diesel (Feelin’ Lovely) released in August.

South By Southwest is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp & wherever music is sold.