In Phaced God We Trust - EP

Ciphurphace releases his 6th solo project entitled "In Phaced God We Trust" with production from Scorpioflo, erIC YOUng, Jake Palumbo, Per C. Wells, Habeas Corpus and AF-17. Featuring the college radio chart-topping singles "Elbow Space", "I'll Always Love H.E.R." and "Reflections."

Track listing

1. AGE OF THE ICON - produced by AF-17 

2. ELBOW SPACE - produced by Eric James Young 

3. THE RIGHTEOUS HOUR - featuring Jake Palumbo - produced by Jake Palumbo - cuts by Jake Palumbo 

4. REFLECTIONS - featuring Mike N.O.T.E.S of Gotham Heights - produced by Per C. Wells 

5. GOIN' DOWN - featuring Habeas Corpus and Talk-Sik - produced by Habeas Corpus 

6. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE H.E.R. - produced by Scorpioflo 

7. IN PHACED GOD WE TRUST - produced by Scorpioflo - cuts by DJ Grapla