DEFCIPHUR - So Def It's Fresh So Fresh It's Hype

Tone Def=beats - Ciphurphace=bars 

The Rick Rubin of the Southwest discovered some vocal tracks of the rawest MC known to mankind and took them back to the lab to create a musical masterpiece of epic proportions.

Here's how it all went down:


Tone Def was doing a DJ gig at a local venue in Tucson, AZ when Ciphurphace entered the building and approached him to pay respect...typical pounds & hugs were exchanged and this followed shortly after...

Ciphurphace: "What's up Tone!"
Tone Def: "What's goin' on Ciph?"
Ciphurphace: "Just wrappin' up some projects...I'm tryin' to release mad projects this year."
Tone Def: " should let me remix some of your songs."
Ciphurphace: "that would be dope!"
Tone Def: "no doubt...yeah this will be ill" (Tone thinking to himself: "I'll probably do 2-3 songs")
Ciphurphace: "word up...I will gather some acapellas and get em to you." Tone Def: "sounds like a plan brother!"

Approximately one month later Ciphurphace sends Tone Def 8 acapellas from The Effin' Sumbodies 'Cactus Stew' LP
Approximately one week after receiving the files and getting busy in the lab...half the songs are completed.
Another week later, the rest of the songs are done. Tone Def is still hungry.

Tone Def: "Yo Ciph - I just knocked out the 8 got any more acapellas you want to send my way?"
Ciphurphace: (ciph somewhat hesitant and eager to get project out) "Let's just wrap it up now and put it out as an EP"

Fast Forward to 5 minutes later - Ciphurphace finds several more acapella files and tells Tone to check his inbox.

It went from 2-3 songs to an 8 song EP to a 10 song LP. The project gets mastered, numerous reference cd's are burned, rigorous N14 testing in the whip is conducted and then finally 'one' master cd manifests itself.

So in a nutshell...what started off as a 'random remix project' gradually turned into a 'musical masterpiece' entitled "SO DEF IT'S FRESH SO FRESH IT'S HYPE"...a collection of 8 organic versions of tracks from the 'Cactus Stew LP' and 2 bonus tracks with classic Ciphurphace bars of death.