APPLY WITHIN - 14 track full length album

"His heart still pumpin' all the blood to his veins - He applies within and still got love for the game" - The official follow up to Ciphurphace's debut LP and slept on classic 'An Honest Day's Work'.

Blessed with production from ES's own ill Boom-Bap Beatsmith Scorpioflo (Albuquerque, NM), Jake Palumbo of SpaceLAB Records (Brooklyn, NY by way of TN), Mo-Kay (The Netherlands), Koncept Jones (Phoenix, AZ by way of Detroit), Nate & Zack Beat Productions (Tucson, AZ), Julian Rockwell (Tucson, AZ), Plan B (Tucson, AZ), Billy Dimes of Digital B-Boy Productions (Seattle, WA), and Pen Pointz (Canada), Apply Within serves to be another mind bending, heart touching, soul saving Ciphurphace release of stupid fresh proportions.