In Phaced God We Trust - EP

Ciphurphace releases his 6th solo project entitled "In Phaced God We Trust" with production from Scorpioflo, erIC YOUng, Jake Palumbo, Per C. Wells, Habeas Corpus and AF-17. Featuring the college radio chart-topping singles "Elbow Space", "I'll Always Love H.E.R." and "Reflections."

Track listing

1. AGE OF THE ICON - produced by AF-17 

2. ELBOW SPACE - produced by Eric James Young 

3. THE RIGHTEOUS HOUR - featuring Jake Palumbo - produced by Jake Palumbo - cuts by Jake Palumbo 

4. REFLECTIONS - featuring Mike N.O.T.E.S of Gotham Heights - produced by Per C. Wells 

5. GOIN' DOWN - featuring Habeas Corpus and Talk-Sik - produced by Habeas Corpus 

6. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE H.E.R. - produced by Scorpioflo 

7. IN PHACED GOD WE TRUST - produced by Scorpioflo - cuts by DJ Grapla

DJ Grapla & Ciphurphace Present The "Bish Prees" Mixtape

DJ Grapla & Ciphurphace aka swAZians aka The Asian Gang Starr return with a brand new project titled The "Bish Prees" Mixtape.

22 Ciphurphace + 4 Moonshine Burrito tracks mixed and blended by the Ran Dum Azian Guy, DJ and Turntablist known as DJ Grapla!

Skill Level: Asian


25 of the phreshest Ciphurphace records of all time!

Track Listing: 

02. EYE OF THE CIPHUR (Murk City Anthem) featuring Jake Palumbo
05. PURE
06. SWAZIANS w/ DJ Grapla
08. WE GOT MICS featuring Main Flow
11. HOPE
12. MUSIC’S ALL WE HAVE LEFT featuring Big Meridox & Simone Hines
13. WORLD UNDERGROUND: My Humble Abode
15. KIDDIE PORN: Dumbing Down America
18. TRUTHFULLY, BRUTALLY featuring Big Meridox
20. POUR
21. BREATH OF 100 CIGARETTES featuring Simone Hines
23. WHAT WE DO featuring Chino XL 
25. THE ENDLESS PURSUIT featuring Ed Ward of Gotham Heights

SICK LEAVE EP - Ciphurphace's 5th official solo release!

The 5th official solo release from the Phaced God!

Production by: God Of Beats, Scorpioflo, Jake Palumbo, The Tu, Per C. Wells, John Henry and D. Roc

Special Guest Features: Mo Kofuma of Gotham Heights, Ezra Letra and Philly Mumblez


In an era where ALL emcees, from the most “gangster” to the most “hipster” take themselves & their image too seriously, SpaceLAB Recordings proudly presents South By Southwest, the debut album from Moonshine Burrito - a collaborative duo project from Ciphurphace Jake Palumbo.  Yes, the two longtime friends & solo artists teamed up to make a rap album, based around the images of moonshine & burritos – a metaphor of the emcee’s respective homelands of Arizona & Tennessee.  Originally conceived 2 time zones apart, over Gmail’s chat feature in 2008, Ciphurphace & Jake Palumbo were throwing about potential titles for a project.  “Moonshine Burrito” popped out of Palumbo’s brain, much laughter erupted, & 5 years, countless solo releases & tours, & Ciph’s relocation later, the duo decided to finally put it to wax in New York City.

 In the spirit of great duos such as Starsky & HutchEPMDCHiPsPete Rock & CL Smooth, & Brooks & Dunn, the “Phaced God” & the ”Spaced God” have teamed up to bring a humorous, but lyrically dense project to the fans, attempting to capture the yin & yang of both artists’ personalities in a home-cooked Southern / Southwest buffet table.  In today’s turbulent times, Ciphurphace & Palumbo set out to accomplish one primary goal with South By Southwest: to make FUN music & enjoy themselves. While the album does tackle a few serious topics, this is largely music to celebrate & give thanks to, partially why the label decided to release it November 26th, 2013 – just 48 hours before Thanksgiving. The album was available for free download for 24 hours prior to hitting iTunes & digital retailers as a way of saying thanks to its loyal fan base.

Originally conceived as an EP, studio sessions became prolific & the un-intentional group began receiving show offers around New York City & surrounding states based off the 1st single Burrito Revival, & it’s accompanying music video, so the project was extended to become a full-length (albeit brief) album.  The 10-track LP is Produced by Jake Palumbo, with its 2nd single “Diesel (Feelin’ Lovely) released in August.

South By Southwest is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp & wherever music is sold.


Murky Waters: The Endless Pursuit is Ciphurphace's debut EP on SpaceLAB Recordings.

The 7-song EP (produced entirely by Jake Palumbo) displays not so much a departure from the emcee’s previous styles but so much as an extension of the rapper’s abilities over an eclectic soundtrack.

From autobiographical stories on “A God’s Presence”, & “I Love My Kids”, to conceptual narratives on “Call It How I See It”, to the precise, razor-sharp battle rhymes you’ve come to love on “Eye Of The Ciphur (Murk City Anthem)" and the EP’s title track, featuring Ed Ward of Gotham Heights, fans of Ciphurphace will not be disappointed with the emcee’s bars on the EP, & new listeners will have an excellent introduction to a man of many words, an emcee with many stripes.

APPLY WITHIN - 14 track full length album

"His heart still pumpin' all the blood to his veins - He applies within and still got love for the game" - The official follow up to Ciphurphace's debut LP and slept on classic 'An Honest Day's Work'.

Blessed with production from ES's own ill Boom-Bap Beatsmith Scorpioflo (Albuquerque, NM), Jake Palumbo of SpaceLAB Records (Brooklyn, NY by way of TN), Mo-Kay (The Netherlands), Koncept Jones (Phoenix, AZ by way of Detroit), Nate & Zack Beat Productions (Tucson, AZ), Julian Rockwell (Tucson, AZ), Plan B (Tucson, AZ), Billy Dimes of Digital B-Boy Productions (Seattle, WA), and Pen Pointz (Canada), Apply Within serves to be another mind bending, heart touching, soul saving Ciphurphace release of stupid fresh proportions. 

DJ Grapla Presents The James Ciphurphace Mixtape

A collection of Ciphur classics, unreleased joints, b-sides, special collabos, exclusive remixes, and where the hell did that come from tracks all meshed together and mixed by Da Cutman himself...DJ GRAPLA!

Featuring: Simone Hines, Baje One of Junk Science, Chino XL, Ollie Ox, Mentor, The Greyz, Mainflow, Mikaela, Lee Hybrid, Diggstown Thompson, Moses, Rubee Jawbotik, Shin-B, Naiim Sun, and Ciphurphace himself.

Ciphurphace & Scorpioflo - Time & A Half: The Overtime EP - Exclusive remixed tracks from James Ciphurphace


A collection of James Ciphurphace songs remixed entirely by Scorpioflo. 

AN HONEST DAY'S WORK - official debut solo LP

The official debut solo LP from James Ciphurphace - featuring production by I.C. You, Nineteen7D9 and Lee Hybrid. 

Special guest features by Simone Hines, Big Meridox, Lee Hybrid, Scripts G.O.D. and I.C. You. 

Ciphurphace comes out swinging from start to finish...

"Biggie and Jay-Z came from the East Coast, NWA and Tupac from the West, and Outkast came out of ATL – is there any room in hip-hop for Arizona to represent? According to up-and-coming emcee James Ciphurphace, perhaps there is. Already a local success in ‘Zona, Ciphurphace’s battle-driven lyrics on his official debut LP, An Honest Day’s Work, may be enough to get hip-hop’s attention. 

Ciphurphace comes out swinging from start to finish with an array of punch lines and metaphors: imagine Big Daddy Kane from the ‘burbs and on a liter of Red Bull. Ciphurphace sticks to what he does best – gritty, made-for-battle verses – and does it well enough to make An Honest Day’s Work worth an honest listen."

Antique Skies *Revisited*

The prelude to "An Honest Day's Work." 

Special guest features include: Mentor, Phooka-1, The Greyz, Meshack, Simone Hines, I.C. You, Herm, Nineteen7D9, Scripts G.O.D., Runt, Big Meridox, RenDig, Lee Hybrid and Rubee Jawbotik. 

DEFCIPHUR - So Def It's Fresh So Fresh It's Hype

Tone Def=beats - Ciphurphace=bars 

The Rick Rubin of the Southwest discovered some vocal tracks of the rawest MC known to mankind and took them back to the lab to create a musical masterpiece of epic proportions.

Here's how it all went down:


Tone Def was doing a DJ gig at a local venue in Tucson, AZ when Ciphurphace entered the building and approached him to pay respect...typical pounds & hugs were exchanged and this followed shortly after...

Ciphurphace: "What's up Tone!"
Tone Def: "What's goin' on Ciph?"
Ciphurphace: "Just wrappin' up some projects...I'm tryin' to release mad projects this year."
Tone Def: " should let me remix some of your songs."
Ciphurphace: "that would be dope!"
Tone Def: "no doubt...yeah this will be ill" (Tone thinking to himself: "I'll probably do 2-3 songs")
Ciphurphace: "word up...I will gather some acapellas and get em to you." Tone Def: "sounds like a plan brother!"

Approximately one month later Ciphurphace sends Tone Def 8 acapellas from The Effin' Sumbodies 'Cactus Stew' LP
Approximately one week after receiving the files and getting busy in the lab...half the songs are completed.
Another week later, the rest of the songs are done. Tone Def is still hungry.

Tone Def: "Yo Ciph - I just knocked out the 8 got any more acapellas you want to send my way?"
Ciphurphace: (ciph somewhat hesitant and eager to get project out) "Let's just wrap it up now and put it out as an EP"

Fast Forward to 5 minutes later - Ciphurphace finds several more acapella files and tells Tone to check his inbox.

It went from 2-3 songs to an 8 song EP to a 10 song LP. The project gets mastered, numerous reference cd's are burned, rigorous N14 testing in the whip is conducted and then finally 'one' master cd manifests itself.

So in a nutshell...what started off as a 'random remix project' gradually turned into a 'musical masterpiece' entitled "SO DEF IT'S FRESH SO FRESH IT'S HYPE"...a collection of 8 organic versions of tracks from the 'Cactus Stew LP' and 2 bonus tracks with classic Ciphurphace bars of death.

The Effin' Sumbodies - Straight Outta Tucson

SOUL PUEBLO HIP-HOP - "Music that's stupid fly like a retarded cactus wren"...they served the world some Cactus they are letting everyone know where they are comin' from!

The Effin' Sumbodies - Cactus Stew

Raw Emcees. ILL Producers. Invincible Vocalist. Dope DJ. 

From the Great Southwest comes a collective whose main purpose is to crush, kill and destroy the negative forces that are currently polluting the art form.

Instilling the traditional boom-bap rhythms, raw lyricism, soulful vocals and ill scratches with a "Dirty Desert Vibe" is what defines the Effin' stupid fresh sound. 


CIPHURPHACE TEE *Sela Eunae Design* - Adult Sizes: S, M, L, XL - Youth Sizes: S, M, L

An assortment of light colored t-shirts with artwork design in black. Ciphurphace artwork designed by my daughter Sela Eunae (who was 6 years old at the time) - 50% of the proceeds from each t-shirt sale will go towards my daughter's savings. 

Phace Time Tee - *Original Classic Phace Edition*

Ciphurphace artwork by Marcoso Oliva on 100% cotton t-shirt. Color: white

Phace Time Tee - *Phaced God Edition*

Ciphurphace artwork by Marcoso Oliva w/ additional design by Phaced God himself on 100% cotton t-shirt. Color: white

Moonshine Burrito Tee - *black logo*

Moonshine Burrito *black* logo on 100% cotton t-shirt. Color: white 

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